Anti Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policy

The Company is committed to supporting and encouraging business and operational management so that it can run in an accountable and transparent manner, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws/regulations. For this reason, the Company has policies that support all efforts to prevent corruption and gratification, which apply in line with the application of the Company's code of ethics to all employees. Through this commitment to the anti-corruption policy, the Company will take firm action against employees who are proven to have committed acts of corruption by imposing severe sanctions, up to dishonorable dismissal.

Dissemination of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policies

The dissemination of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Policies is carried out to all employees of the Company, where the Corporate Secretary who has the function of Good Corporate Governance has carried out socialization activities related to gratuities both routine and incidental.

The Company has a high commitment to eradicating all acts of corruption. As part of its commitment to preventing corruption, the Company always strives for all Company personnel to receive socialization as an effort to create an environment free from corruption.
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